PackageForge 1.0.0

PackageForge 1.0.0 Free Download
A graphical installation and packaging tool for Symbian OS

PackageForge simplifies the work of packaging files into Symbian installation files (SIS files) which can then be installed to a mobile phone.

PackageForge allows you to easily create and modify Package definition files (PKG) which is then compiled and built to a Symbian Installation System (SIS) file and can then be uploaded and signed by Symbian Signed to make it ready for release to the marketplace.

PackageForge can be used as a stand alone tool, used together with the Carbide.c++ development environment or together with the command line utilities makesis and signsis.

Give PackageForge a try to see what it's all about!

Here are some features of PackageForge:

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Creating packages:
· Create new packages in a snap. Enter a name for your package, select a location and a target phone. PackageForge will take care of the rest for you; creating a fully functional package that can be built without further work.

· PackageForge can both open packages created in Carbide.c++ and packages created manually by hand for makesis and signsis.
· Application files are referenced in a generic manner which allows one single package to be built for different configurations. The same package can be used to build a debug package for the emulator or you can build your final release package for the phone. No changes are needed once you’ve added your files.
· To build a generic package like this with the command line utility makesis you must export the package for a specific build configuration. This gives you the the power to work with packages with any tool you like.

Managing installation files:
· Manage what files should be installed to the phone and where they should be installed. PackageForge can automatically suggest where the files should be installed based on the file type or you can specify it yourself. You have full control and can easily change it at any time.

Control installation flow:

· You get full control of the installation flow and can perform the installation steps in the order you wish. Specify in what order files are installed, whether or not to show a licensee agreement and more.

Multilingual packages:
· In todays marketplace everything is becoming more and more international. Creating multilingual installation packages is as simple as creating single language packages. Just specify what languages your package supports and place a translator in front of PackageForge. PackageForge lists all localizable text in one place which makes localization a quick and painless process.

Building and Signing:
· Build and sign your package with a mouse click. You don’t have to know any fancy command line tools, just open a package, make your changes and hit the mouse button to build and sign it.

Build log:
· PackageForge provides a real-time log of the build process that clearly shows the progress of the build process. If anything is missing or can potentially cause a problem, PackageForge will warn you about this. No longer will there be any question about what actually ended up in the package.


· Manage a package’s dependencies. Specify what phone(s) the package can be installed to and whether or not other packages must first be installed on the phone.


· 30 MB of available hard disk space
· Minimum 1024x768 display (1280x800 recommended) with a 16-bit video card
· Symbian 9.x SDK or newer installed


· 30 days trial
· nag screen

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