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The Kaspersky Anti-Virus application was designed to be the backbone of your PC's security system, offering protection from a range of IT threats.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus works behind-the-scenes – defending you and your PC against viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits and other threats - all without significant impact on your PC’s performance.

Here are some features of Kaspersky Anti-Virus:
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· Essential Protection
· Protects from viruses, Trojans and worms
· Blocks spyware and adware
· Scans files in real time (on access) and on demand
· Scans email messages (regardless of email client)
· Scans Internet traffic (regardless of browser)
· Protects instant messengers (ICQ, MSN)
· Provides proactive protection from unknown threats
· Scans Java and Visual Basic scripts
· Preventive Protection
· Scans operating system and installed applications for vulnerabilities
· Analyzes and closes Internet Explorer vulnerabilities
· Disables links to malware sites
· Detects viruses based on the packers used to compress code
· Global threat monitoring (Kaspersky Security Network)
· Advanced Protection & Recovery
· The program can be installed on infected computers
· Self-protection from being disabled or stopped
· Restores correct system settings after removing malicious software
· Tools for creating a rescue disk
· Data & Identity Theft Protection
· Disables links to fake (phishing) websites
· Blocks all types of keyloggers
· Usability
· Automatic configuration during installation
· Wizards for common tasks
· Visual reports with charts and diagrams
· Alerts provide all the information necessary for informed user decisions
· Automatic or interactive mode
· Round-the-clock technical support
· Automatic database updates

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· Processor 800 MHz or higher (Processor 1 GHz for Vista & 7)
· 512 MB available RAM (1 GB available RAM - 32 bit or 2 GB available RAM - 64 bit for Vista & 7)
· 50 MB free space on the hard drive
· CD-ROM (for installation of the program from CD)
· Computer mouse
· Internet connection (for product activation)
· Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher
· Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0

· 30 days trial

What's New in This Release:
  • In order to provide protection against intruders exploiting software vulnerabilities, the feature of protection against exploits has been added to the System Watcher component.
  • The functionality of the Virtual Keyboard has been enhanced: now you can open it by clicking the quick launch icon displayed in data entry fields on websites.
  • The applicaton installation procedure has been simplified.
  • The size of the application databases has been reduced, which allows lowering the size of data to download and speed up the installation of updates.
  • The heuristic analysis performed when checking websites for phishing, has been improved.

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